For most people, having beautiful teeth is not naturally possible. Teeth tilting and misalignment, tooth decay, tooth discoloration, etc., are among the reasons that cause your teeth to become less beautiful over time. In these cases, cosmetic dental treatments are the best way to beautify your teeth. Cosmetic dental treatments are done in different ways appropriate to the tooth condition and the complication type. According to a cosmetic dentist Toronto, the cosmetic dentistry methods aim to beautify the teeth and pay much attention to their longevity and restoration. For example, decayed teeth treatment is useful for the beauty of your teeth and helps them keep healthy. People who suffer from unhealthy and stained teeth can easily solve their dental problems by getting one of the cosmetic dentistry methods.

One of these cosmetic dental methods is orthodontics, in which irregular teeth are regularly placed next to each other. This treatment is only used to straighten teeth and has no other use. But in some conditions, it cannot be done. For example, those who do not want to use orthodontic treatment or patients whose posterior teeth (molars) are in good condition and there is no problem in terms of function can be cured using the composite veneer method treatments.

Tooth beautification methods without orthodontics

The cosmetic dentist’s ability and skill significantly impact the treatment and the quality of the final result in diagnosing the dental complication type. When a dentist has enough information about the patient’s teeth exact anatomy and the patient is not interested in orthodontic treatment, he can use other treatment methods, including:

  • Eliminating excess space between teeth can be done through ceramic veneers. In this method, the dental veneers are completely placed on the teeth and can make small teeth appear a little taller, thus reducing the teeth gap. However, reducing the teeth gap can only be done through orthodontics.
  • Repairing crooked teeth can also be done with a laser. You should know that excessive grinding will destroy tooth enamel. In this method, if only one or two teeth are irregular, laser and cutting them will not damage the teeth, but this method should not be used if the number of irregular teeth is high.
  • Edge misalignments of the teeth or the teeth short and long edges can also be treated with colored and simulated enamel-like materials. In this case, the crowns of the teeth are improved to be in a line.
  • Discolored teeth are another problem that can cause tooth decay over time. Teeth whitening is another cosmetic dentistry method that is done without the need for orthodontics. In this method, the main goal is to eliminate severe dental discoloration.

Benefits of beautifying the teeth without orthodontics

  • Treating teeth in a shorter time
  • Paying less for dental treatment and beautification
  • There is no need for tooth extraction, which is sometimes done in orthodontic procedures

Disadvantages of cosmetic without orthodontics

  • Shaving teeth, tooth enamel loss, and as a result, teeth resistant reduction
  • Possibility of tooth decay as a result of using the laser method
  • Accumulation of pathogenic bacteria in the teeth margins
  • Natural abrasions of restorative materials and the retention of natural tooth tissue, resulting in irregular teeth after a while
  • Change in the color of the teeth over time