When it comes to getting the best hair transplant services, patients must select the best medical clinics. People don’t need to opt for faux wigs and hairpieces to grow their natural curls. Therefore, there is a need to help you choose the best clinic based on the following points.


You should look for a clinic that can also provide you with a demonstration, live examples, and pictures of patients before and after surgery. All your hair transplant inquiries must be met. When it comes to transplants, you pay for quality services.

In most cases, low prices mean poorly equipped and sometimes unsanitary clinics and inexperienced surgeons. At the same time, it is not necessary to receive high-quality services by spending a lot of money. So choose a Skyclinic clinic where you get good services at a good price.

International position of doctors

Physicians must have approval and accreditation from international hair restoration organizations such as the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery and associations from across the country. It is important to know and determine what contribution doctors are making in these forums and hair transplantation.


Using the latest technology

The surgeon must have all the most modern medical equipment and techniques to carry out the hair transplant procedure successfully. A minimum of 5-6 years of experience with the FUE Hair Transplant technique is a must to keep your hair safe.

Experience/qualifications of surgeon and team

The surgeon should be from the most prestigious medical school with many years of experience and recommend patients considered the most suitable surgeon. A super specialist who only deals with hair transplantation will undoubtedly be more experienced and well trained to handle all types of operations. Compared to the one who does this operation and others. Also, there must be complete transparency during a hair transplant.

Choose a clinic with a resident surgeon

It is of great importance to always choose a surgeon who is constantly working with the clinic. There are several clinics where surgeons work for a short time. If you choose a clinic where the surgeon works on a short-term contract, you may not be able to see the surgeon again. You will need to start with a new surgeon from the beginning, discussing your complete medical and surgical history.


The patient should bill the operating room, ensuring that this is the best clinic for the operation. The treatment site should be regularly disinfected to make it an infection-free area. If you do not take care of this correctly, the cost will be reduced, negatively affecting your operation and health.

The number of visits to the doctor

The result and the number of cases successfully achieved in a reputable clinic speak of this without loud advertising. Rumor spreads faster and instills confidence in those who seek it with enthusiasm. Most people advertise on the Internet that they have done thousands of things. However, when you scroll through the results section, there are hardly any that can help you understand the clinic’s claims.


All clinics should strive to achieve the best possible results by learning the latest hair transplant and restoration advances.