A broken tooth can be painful in a way that interrupts your routine life. Besides, when one of your front teeth is cracked or chipped, it will devastatingly impact the beauty of your smile. However, not every type of broken tooth is considered a dental emergency. If your broken tooth is an emergency one, it will require urgent dental care. It means you should first contact an emergency dentist or go to an emergency dental clinic with no hesitation. A trusted dentist working in a Toronto emergency dental clinic claims severe toothache is the first sign that can indicate your broken tooth is an emergency dental problem. If you don’t feel intense pain, you probably can wait for your visit to your dentist.

You shouldn’t forget that over-the-counter painkillers can temporarily relieve your pain, but you need to repair your broken tooth as soon as possible. Severe tooth sensitivity is another symptom that may appear after your tooth is broken. The dentist can fully assess the severity of your dental emergency then decide the best treatment for it. As a result, it is always better to visit an emergency dentist when your tooth is broken. You can also continue reading this article to see when is the right time to refer to an emergency dental clinic in the event of a broken tooth.

When Is a Broken Tooth a Dental Emergency? 

As mention previously, dental emergencies need immediate dental treatments. Emergency dental clinics are usually ready to provide this urgent dental care for their patients. After-hours and same-day appointments are among the many advantages an emergency dental clinic offers. A broken tooth will probably annoy the soft tissue inside your mouth as it may have gotten sharp or pointed. Although rare, a broken tooth won’t interfere with the way you chew your food. In this case, emergency dental visits may not be required.

According to the statistics, a broken or fractured tooth is the most prevalent dental emergency that forces the patients to visit an emergency dentist. Many reasons may cause your tooth to break. Sports accidents, a fall, or severe tooth decay are among the most common reasons.

After all these explanations, we can conclude that there are two different types of broken teeth, emergency and non-emergency. In an emergency broken tooth, a large portion of the tooth is usually fractured, and you cannot tolerate the dental pain. Therefore, this kind of broken tooth requires an urgent dental appointment. On the contrary, you can schedule a regular dental appointment with a dentist if your broken tooth is non-emergency.

Whether you have faced an emergency broken tooth or a non-emergency one, you will definitely need a type of treatment. A broken tooth can lead to more complicated dental issues such as severe tooth decay. You may also have to extract the root of your broken tooth if left untreated for a long time. When your tooth gets broken, you can rinse your mouth with lukewarm water before you visit your emergency dentist. You can also take a painkiller to manage the pain.