We live in a world that is fast paced, virtual and extremely competitive. This is one reason that does not leave any room for people to get good amount of rest on a daily basis. The negative aspects of this drawback are that one encounters different types of health problems and pains. Human body tends to go beyond what it can actually take – thereby, stress and strain takes a toll on one’s health. But not anymore! There are several natural ways by which one can live a healthy and pain free life.

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Natural methods of reducing pain to live pain free: a complete guide to painless well being

Many people or almost everyone suffer from one kind of pain or ache right from the most common headache and backache to chronic pains. You either bear the pain silently or try to gain some temporary relief by opting for the pills or pain killers. But there are various alternatives for pain relief that are natural and effective like acupuncture, yoga, herbal medicines, message, hypnosis, etc. These methods are believed to be as effective as and in fact better than the pills which cause side effects and offer only temporary relief. And in many cases the pain killers are addictive in nature and never treat the pain at the root cause.

Effective and natural means of relieving pain without using drugs

There are numerous ways apart from pills which many doctors today are frequently suggesting. These methods include massage therapy that relieves back pain, osteoarthritis; headache due to stress and tension, fibromyalgia, neck pain and also for surgery related discomfort. Massage therapy works in relieving pain by boosting the eves of endorphins and serotonin which are the natural pain killers and regulators of mood in the human body.

Acupuncture albeit an ancient practice is gaining significance as an effective means of pain relief. But for good and effective results the procedure of inserting the needles at particular pressure points must be carried out by an expert. It works by increasing the levels of adenosine a purine nucleoside that is known to ease pain after an injury.

Yoga is yet another alternative known to relieve lower back pain, arthritis and also migraine headaches. The exact action or how yoga cures and relieves pain is still unclear.

The green way of relieving you off the pain

Pants or herbs are known to be equally effective or more effective than pills or medications in relieving pain and are even safe without side effects. These foods ease or relieve pain by reducing inflammation and by blocking pain signals and also at times heal the underlying symptom completely. Ginger for instance is believed to be an excellent remedy for arthritis, sore muscles and migraines.

Cherries have a compound called anthocyanins that is responsible for the color of the cherries also fight inflammation and inhibit pain enzymes. Their action is similar to that of drugs like aspirin, naproxen, etc. Mint is effective against headaches. But for these foods to be effective a change in diet plan is required where junk food is completely avoided.

Junk food is believed to indeed peeve the body’s pain fighting system. Certain foods like processed food and refined carbs even promote inflammation.

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Tips to prevent pain the natural way

Migraine is a common pain which can be totally prevented by getting to know the root cause that triggers it. Cheese, MSG and other food additives, alcohol, caffeine, dehydration, certain odors, too little or too much of sleep, jet lag, stress and starvation are some of the common triggers. Once you have figured out the cause you can avoid or overcome it to avoid migraine. Also, drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated prevents headaches.

Stretching out after work outs helps in preventing muscle sores and when you have done any activity for a long time never over-do it. For back neck and shoulder pain exercising really helps if you happen to sit in chair for long hours.

Thus, there are numerous ways of combating and preventing pain rather than sticking on to pills that are addictive and unsafe due to side effects. By religiously following the tips and alternatives you can control pain by eliminating it completely out of your life. View here!