Just think that why nutritionists have decided to take calorie diet as this level of nutrition is quite sufficient to support some large skeletons.  Requirement of the body varies but overall nutritional values are almost the same.  In case someone is doing hard sport and burning a lot of calories and he/she is not thinking ion this aspect, definitely in due course there will be an adverse result.  Breakdown of the calories may be different and individual is free to select that which for item should be preferred in what meal time.  Normally in breakfast, the individual can select one protein and one fruit.  In this time, some fruits and milk can also be consumed.  Likewise, the lunch can be designed with different food items.  This is the main mean of the day and items can be adjusted accordingly.  After a hard work, human need a good return so it is better to be dependent on natural sources only.  In no case, any junk food or fast food should be eaten as some abnormal qualities of junk food can mar the entire calories schedule of the day.   Calorie diet can adjust your body and maintain the absorbing level.  In case you added some fruits to your diet, you must keep in mind that which items is to be reduced from your diet so that total nutritional value is either not exceeding from the determined limit or not reducing.

You can take the pre-defined schedule for a week to see the results on normal functioning.  In case you are not satisfied with the results, you can alter this program and change the level of eatables in your diet accordingly.  But you should ensure that total count of the calories is not exceeding from .  Everyone should ensure that fruits, vegetables and grains are available in the daily diet program.  No fast or junk food should be intake.   Replacement of meals is better but combination should be better in terms of taste and quantity too.  Dinner should be light and delicious.

Lunch must be quite sufficient as this will provide energy for rest portion of the day.  So it must be a balanced diet to provide better nutrition to your body.  Without the help of a nutritionist, you can design the diet chart by yourself.  Just have a look on the calories available in each item and then design you diet chart.  Your tastes should also be in the priority list as without taste nobody would like to take meals.  Delicious and nutritious food items are only the key to satisfy your hunger as well as the body requirements.   Calorie diet will definitely provide better and balanced growth, muscles development, correct and required blood flow in all the organs of body and peaceful mind set.

Your calorie diet program should be on trial basis for a week and each day should have different items in the meal.  So it is better for the individuals to make the diet plan with the help of delicious and nutritious food items.  Each day should be planned with some different patterns of food.  Breakfast items, evening snacks items can be interchanged accordingly.  In lunch, you can include the food items of heavy calorie but ensure that total calories are not exceeding.   Scientifically designed and followed diet program is always better and one must follow the same according to the height-weight and age table.  Never get puzzled in maintaining a well balanced diet program and ensure that only required calories are entering the body.