A therapist can help you to settle down the marital disputes and to live a happy life.

We all had some awful experiences of couples fighting at inappropriate times, like when you have thrown a party, or invited them for a dinner and they start to argue and fight, right in front of you where they curse each other’s character, hardly control their anger, ever bad hygiene of their family dog can make them fight. Definitely it’s so embarrassing to witness such fight. If you are one of them and want a couple to stop fighting, suggest them to take couples therapy.

Sometimes, people fear form the couple’s therapies as they think it can stress them, but actually it can stress your therapist as he may have to face situations which are out of control. Couples therapy is the most challenging therapy in the world. Many experts say, that a if you are calm, sensitive, empathic, accepting you are kind  of a therapist, but to be a couple therapist you have to be different. You have to face that collision of two strong partners.

Couple therapy takes place having both the spouses in one room looking to find a way out. Earlier, people used to take counseling alone not with their spouses to settle marital disputes. That counseling was provided by a doctor, social worker. But back at the time, with the increase in the rate of divorces, the process of couple therapy came in light. Therapist started to see couples as a whole. The goal of couple therapy is not to split the pair; it’s just to help the both to take in charge of each other.

There is a fear of winning allegiance of one spouse rather than the other. All your skills can fly away if you meet that annoying couple.

Timings play a very important role in therapies as it may cause stress for therapists as well, if you leave the couple talking for 15 seconds you will be watching them screaming at each other and this will make them think they don’t need you they can fight at home.

There are people who are seeking for “therapist-endorsed divorce”. These types of cases are difficult to handle as couples in the therapies don’t want to change their relationships, what they really want is to change their partners.

Sometimes you see one spouse abuse other because he is behaving in ways which are insufferable or unfulfilling. In such case, if you ask the couple what is wrong with the marriage they will say there partner and if you ask what is wrong with your partner they would say he being himself is wrong.

Few of the couple therapies are known to work in a better manner than others. Like as that of attachments which are secure, the ones that are emotionally responsive. In which couples on taught to accept each other while changing few of these behaviors and assumptions.

Most of the treatments are research based, where studies are done on the change of couple. You have to analyze what is responsible for the bad marriage, is it the partners or the circumstances. Many times, depression is the one that is spoiling the marriages rather than marriages creating the depression.

At the end, what people say is that nothing is going to help it. If you are trying to help a couple, no matter what you are doing, you will always see a lot of anger and arguments. They will fight in your office which is going to create a lot of doubts and insecurities. And that would remind of you of your childhood and relationships. Apart from all this couples therapy is right if you are living in