Stanozolol, otherwise known as Winstrol is a drug helpful to maintain lean body mass. Winstrol is a drug which needs to be sold on prescription in some countries. The reaction to stanozolol can be observed differently in different persons. The achievements of athletes on using Winstrol may vary from person to person. The results of stanozolol cycles are dependent entirely on the ways you use it. The differences in the results are based on exercise, diet, and the dosage of the drug you use. The reaction of this medicine will be different on each individual based on many factors. This stanazolol is prescribed by most of the physicians for use in athletic performance cycle that works for lean muscle mass.

Effects of stanozolol on men

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Stanozolol or Winstrol works on men and women in different ways. This medicine is useful to maintain muscular weight besides cutting down unwanted fat. The stanazolol cycle that works for lean muscle mass helps to utilize fat tissues, thus helping to burn the fat. When used for cutting cycles, stanozolol enhances the release of testosterone which helps to maintain muscle mass but does not cause weight gain. This medicine can be used along with supplements like HGH to improve the athletic performance among men.

The stanazolol when used for cutting cycles in the form of oral tablets or injections, help to use testosterone to maintain the muscle mass. Unlike other anabolic medicines, this drug does not cause weight gain but helps to grow lean muscle weight. The effects of this drug are dependent on the dosage taken. Generally, doctors prescribe a high dosage of stanozolol for men. A dosage of 50mg of stanozolol  a day gives faster results.The stanozolol cycles when used more than 8weeks may cause serious effects on the liver.

Effects of stanozolol on women

As stanozolol helps the release of testosterone hormone, some women may develop masculine characteristics in the long run. Most of the women prefer consumption of oral pills to injections. Doctors suggest a lesser dosage for women to enhance athletic performance. Consumption of 10mg of stanozolol in the form of oral tablets or injections for two weeks is generally recommended for women.  When used under proper medical supervision, this drug enhances strength and athletic performance among women and controls unwanted weight gain. This drug is a good fat burner and utilizes fat tissues for enhancement of lean mass. Thus this drug helps to maintain perfect physique and good looks among women besides supporting control of fatigue after a long time of workouts. Usage of this drug for more than two weeks may cause some hazardous effects among women. Some of such harmful effects are the growth of unwanted hair, deepening of vocal cords, expansion of clitoris are some of such side effects. In the long run, women may be prone to more masculine features in the long run by excessive use of this medicine.

Similar to other anabolic medicines, the use of stanazolol causes fertility issues among women. Excessive use of this drug may cause menstrual disorders and infertility among women.