The Testopel testosterone pellets reviews and cost of the product for both medical and nonmedical reasons tend to differ. The drug is an implantable form of the testosterone hormone and increases its levels. What is the difference between different forms of the drug and specifically Testopel? The brand name of this implantable pellet gives you a product to be inserted under our skin or on the fatty area of our buttock or lower abdomen. One of the major reasons for such usage is the long-term effects of testosterone – around six months as per testimonies.

Testopel VS Injections

Bodybuilders turn to the injectable forms of testosterone for quick muscle mass and overall testosterone benefits. However, you have to give injections for most parts and also on a weekly basis to see improved results. People use Testopel pellets for conversion for bodybuilding use and effects.

Due to the long half-life of the drug and slow dispersion of testosterone into our body for that span of time, it will take a long time to achieve the same benefits before and after results, at least with regard to the development of muscle mass and strength.

When you look at Testopel reviews the potential users tend to find most of them rated at a medical level. For most cases, these reviews are left by older individuals who are placed on the testosterone replacement therapy for aging or due to testicular cancer.

For most parts, bodybuilders who try Testopel pellets and give reviews say that Testopel definitely does not offer quick results. The effect of pellets is longer for some people compared to others. One more thing for consideration is the amount of money it will charge you.

Cost of Testopel

The cost of Testopel depends on how many pellets are implanted. It is determined by the frequency of this. The drug is often covered by insurance coverage plans. This helps cover cost for the medically recommended testosterone treatments but not for non-medical usages like bodybuilding. Due to the cost, most bodybuilders don’t use the drug. Implants that give you around 450 mg of dosage will charge around $1,000. The average per unit or one implant will cost $100.

People who have prescriptions can claim for insurance and get it at a much lower cost. However, bodybuilding purposes will not be allowed a prescription. Even the maximum dose of 450 mg is low for bodybuilding purposes and you will need it every week. One Testopel pellet comprises 75 mg of testosterone. These tend to be in the multiples of two – like two pellets for 150 mg testosterone, four for 300 mg and six for 450 mg.

When you look out for Testopel manufacturers, note that the pellets are not considered effective or safe for such enhancement processes. Testopel pellets have other forms of testosterone and can contribute many negative impacts. When you look at the reviews of Testopel conversion for bodybuilding use you need to check the age, reason and dosage level of the user.