The belt that can be used during physical therapy sessions to provide the patient with added support is called the gain belt. It is the best belt because it helps transferring patients from one location to another. There are lots of advantages of this belt. It is useful for individuals who have difficulties standing or walking without support due to balance issues. It is also used for the people that are having pains and weaknesses in their legs. There are handles or loops on the belt that enables patients and caregivers to aid their patients or loved ones during the time of walking process. They are able to hold on to the belt to provide support for the elderly or weak individuals. The belts are made of all sorts of materials like leather, canvas, nylon or cotton.

From all other belts it is gait belt that is most popular and that is very comfortable to make the ease to the patient. The best is having metal or plastic buckle that enables its secure fastening around the waist of the patient. All types of sizes are available. If there is any patient who is finding difficulties in standing and walking can have this belt. Taking the patient from one location to other can be easily done with this help.

It will help you to find the support your patient needs whilst walking and aiding them during transferable. One will be able to hold onto the belt to provide patients with the support that they need. This belt is not used for lifting. It is used only for supporting. Patient can have the ability to stand and take steps on their own. If one like to take the patient from one location to other then it is important to understand the method of using this belt.

There are six separate handles provides versatility to the caregiver who will be able to get a good grip of the belt. The handles are made of rubber that helps in ease of grip. One cannot slip with the rubber handle. It consists of thicker waist. It helps the patient to get prevented from getting injury to their back during the time of moving one place to the other. It is very light in weight and one can easily use it. It does not provide any discomfort to the patient. This is the best that has been tested by underwrite Laboratories. This is the most popular laboratory that safety consulting and Certification Company based. It can handle a maximum weight of 1,700 lbs without any risk of damage in the material. It is necessary mobility equipment that is found in every care, nursing home and hospital.