Better relationships

Understanding that we are all different from our physical make up to the strengths and weaknesses of our organs will definitely give us the chance to develop better relationships. Sometimes it is difficult understanding other people especially when you do not understand why they are doing what they do. Some people are judged based on how they breathe, for example. If people understood that this is because of the size of their lungs, such individuals will be treated with understanding.

Right diagnosis and treatment

Many medical practitioners insist on giving poor feeders medication to improve their appetite without first finding out why they feed the way they do. The assumption is that we all have the same stomach size and we should be able to eat the same amount of food. If this does not happen, the one eating a lot is given appetite suppressants while the other is given tablets to improve the appetite. Knowledge of the 8 constitutional medicine would have resulted on the use of alternative treatments to lead to healthier feeding habits even if quantity of food eaten remains the same for both.

Choice of right exercise per individual

There have been cases of death because someone was using gym equipment that caused a high increase in the rate of heart beat which resulted in collapsing. It is very important for all gym instructors as well as individuals to know the state of their organs. This is very common in gymnasiums where instructors use the same regimen on everyone. Sometimes the results have been fatal. It is important to understand individual needs so that the same results are achieved albeit differently.

Harmony is various aspects of life

If people understood that we are all individuals with different expectations and limitations, there would be a feeling of peace and harmony in all aspects of life. If at your place of work you understood why particular people are slower than others, the demands per individual would vary. This way performance would be based on the individual’s capability and not the use of a fast and better equipped individual physically as the yard stick on the performance of others.

The use of alternative treatments

Once you are able to understand individuals just as they are, you will now see why the use of alternative treatments is becoming popular and why you should give it a try. Treatments such as acupuncture are focused on the individual energies of an individual in a bid to create harmony in the body. Understanding the basis of 8 constitutional medicine theories has helped many people to turn to alternative treatment for holistic healing.